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Over the years, I have implemented a number of projects in the health and pharmaceutical sector through a partner agency.

The project scope includes the conception, planning & implementation of information portals, sales applications for medications as well as web applications for tracking health conditions. Here you can find a list of some projects.

Project period: 2012-2019

Hämophilie 24

Information Platform

Worldwide, more than 400,000 people – almost exclusively men – are affected by hemophilia. Hemophilia24 offers the most important information about the blood clotting disorder, such as development, diganosis, treatment, handling in everyday life and personal responsibility.

We were commissioned to design and technically implement the information platform. The core idea is based on a digital nurse (an avatar) that accompanies the visitor through the entire site. The project was technically implemented with WordPress CMS as well as Videoask.

Project period: 2017 | Partners: BMMC


Information Platform

Heriditary angioedema HAE is a rare hereditary disease that causes swelling in various parts of the body. On behalf of Takeda Pharma a platform was created to provide comprehensive information about the disease also in Austria.

We were invited to design and technically implement the platform. One of the core modules is the “HAE Symptom-Check” – an application that helps to correctly classify the often difficult to determine HAE symptoms. The project was technically implemented with WordPress CMS.

Project duration: 2018 | Partners: BMMC

Sales Applications

Design & Development

For pharmaceutical sales representatives it is essential to be able to quickly deliver valid comparison results: Why should exactly this or that drug be prescribed? How high are the costs in comparison? Here, digital calculators are an excellent tool for a quick presentation on site.

Our goal was to develop a solution for mobile devices to quickly provide a calculation of medications on site. After entering the dosage and other parameters, an evaluation as well as detailed statistical presentations are provided. The HTML5 applications also run offline and were implemented on the basis of Laravel.

Project period: 2018 | Partners: BMMC

Mein Neues Leben

Information Platform

A transplant is a fundamentally life-changing matter and causes a lot of fear and worry for patients. A good reason for a comprehensive information platform on the subject.

We were commissioned to design and technically implement the information platform “My New Life”. Visitors are provided with comprehensive information, helpful services and contact points. The project was technically implemented with WordPress CMS.

Project period: 2016 | Partners: BMMC

Headache Diary

Web Application

Chronic headaches can cause patients a very high level of suffering in everyday life. For better diagnosis and therapies it is helpful to log the headaches daily.

By order of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi we have designed and implemented the “Headache Diary”. A practical web application for daily logging and evaluation of headaches. Technically, the project was implemented with Laravel.

Project period: 2015 | Partners: BMMC

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