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My career as a communication designer has been marked by several phases. I began by studying multimedia design at Middlesex University and SAE Technology College, which allowed me to combine my passion for design and technical applications. Working in various design and advertising agencies, I learned the hard practice of agency life. Initially, my focus was on print and corporate design, but I was soon drawn to interactive applications and continued to develop my skills in this area. My screen design studies at Kingston University then taught me to combine interactive design with animation and storytelling.

In recent years, I have shifted my focus to creative business development and marketing for startups and technology companies. I look at digital marketing holistically; successful brand building and lead-gen go hand in hand, but communication happens on very different levels. This is where I want to bring my multidisciplinary expertise to bear for my clients, supporting them with sound strategy, strong design and sophisticated technical implementation.

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Project setup and approach

In our rapidly changing market environment, I see it as a must to continuously adapt to new conditions and technologies. The phrase “The only Constant is Change” has therefore become my guiding mantra, and my collaboration with clients and project partners is correspondingly flexible. Every marketing and communication project has different requirements – for example, a company may already be strong in branding and design, but weak in converting customers or vice versa.

Therefore, I offer my clients agile project development with a strong focus on storytelling and design. I like to approach new projects as neutral and unbiased as possible and listen and understand really well first. Only after in-depth analysis & research, creative and technical possibilities for implementation are worked out and a team of internal and external resources is assembled.

Regarding methodology, I like to work according to Google’s 3H model. It provides an excellent systematic basis in addition to the well-known AIDA model. The result for my clients is a lean and efficient work process – ideas and content are in the foreground to achieve clearly defined marketing goals.

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