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Robert Ladkani stands for a creative and development team with a digital focus. We love to innovate for brands and businesses, have been working on ideas for many years and always strive for new visual experiences in the field of classic and digital media.

Good design follows a strong core idea, which can be experienced continuously on all levels. The design and development of a message across multiple media is an art in itself. We strive for solutions, that combine design and technology in an innovative way and create impressive user experiences.

Our customers include SMEs, start-ups and international companies, such as Porsche Inter Auto, Erste Bank, AMEX or IKEA.

We are always open for new projects and ideas! If you are planning such a project, we look forward to an exciting conversation with you.

Our work

An excerpt from our latest work in the areas of startup design, digital campaigns, corporate design and digital applications.

The Studio

Robert Ladkani Design Studio stands for a versatile design- & developer team with digital focus. Here you can find out more about our way of working.

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