The Studio

The Studio

Communication Design, Brand Consulting, Development; Here you can learn more about our way of working

Robert Ladkani – Design Studio stands for a small multidisciplinary design and production team. Experience has shown, that working with experienced experts works best for our projects.

We work with professionals in the areas of front and backend development, illustration, screen design, SEO, SEO, SEO texting for online appearances, as well as animation design and video production.

Our approach: Good design follows a strong core idea. This core idea must be experienced on all levels. Corporate design, UI, animation, web development or design for social media are expressions of a central core message.

Design for digital applications

Once the core idea has crystallized and formats and media have been specified, I start the design process with my team. The first designs are produced and, if necessary, schematic and conceptual processes are outlined. We like to work with interactive mockups – a kind of digital script. The screen design is interactively implemented to simulate the process of an application.

Corporate design und classic media

In my early days as a designer, I have been working for years in the area of graphic art for print. This experience helps me today to – in addition to the implementation of digital media – also design classic print formats (types of print, trade fair materials, folders, etc.). In addition to the design, giving advise in terms of printing and possible printing formats is an important part of my work.

Studio Services

Brand Consultancy
Digital Applications
Corporate Design
Digital Campaigns Design
Animation Design
Photography & Web Video Production

Focus in the implementation of digital media

As for the implementation of digital applications – most of our work, such as web sites, platforms or web applications – I strongly stick to the “mobile first” approach. This means that we always start with the design for mobile devices (responsive design) beforehand and subsequently develop the desktop version.

Another main focus of my work is Search Engine Optimization. I do not start SEO with the implementation, but already in the conception and design phase. If it is relevant for a digital presentation to be found in search engines, than structure, content presentation and page performance are essential.

A third point I would like to mention here is the Conversion of digital applications and presentation. How difficult it is to move people in the digital world, becomes clear as soon as you get more involved with conversion rates. Simply put, this means how quickly we can move the visitor to take action (for example, to get in touch or purchase a product).

The optimization of the conversion requires well-founded empirical values. Structure and user interface design (UI) must be coordinated with the actual content, and the use and development of suitable form systems are part of the seamless user experience (UX).

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