Microsites & Online Advertising

Microsites & Online Advertising


Here you can find a compilation of different agency projects of the last years. These works were commissioned by various design and advertising agencies.

Ford Banner Design

Banner design and implementation for Ford on behalf of Wunderman PXP.

  • Red Bull X-Fighters – Online Campaigns

    Banner design for Red Bull X-Fighters on behalf of Seso Media.

Lufthansa – “Los Wochos” Campaign

Implementation of a microsite for Lufthansa on behalf of Wunderman PXP.

Almdudler – 8Rooms

Implementation of the campaign site 8-Rooms for graffiti artists on Almdudler.com. The project was commissioned by Seso Media.

Tele 2 – Online Campaigns

Design and implementation of various banner formats for Tele2. These projects were commissioned by the agency Whoisthebrainbehind.

Microsoft – B2B Banner Campaigns

Implementation of B2B Banner for Microsoft Austria on behalf of Wunderman PXP.

DM – S-he Stylezone Game

Implementation of an online game for DM. The campaign was implemented for the brand She Stylezone and was commissioned by Wunderman PXP.

Cashpoint – Online Campaigns

Implementation of various banner formats as well as front-end development for the Austrian betting sports provider Cashpoint.

Antistax Online-Campaigns

On behalf of BMMC – design and implementation of online campaigns.

WU Wien – Interactive Infographic

Commissioned by BMMC – Digital Interaction Map for various research areas of WU Vienna.

Mastercard Online Campaigns

On behalf of Pjure – Design and implementation of online campaigns.

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